SUP Buying Guide

Even though it still takes some time to master, the learning curve on using a SUP is a lot less steep compared to discovering how you can surf. Admittedly, you would certainly be best to discover how to ride a SUP on level water originally; it will most definitely not take long to get in the sea surf, should that be just what you’re wishing to do.

If you live close to a lake, it ‘d be the better selection to buy a level water SUP. If you are living near to the sea, a surfing SUP would be a bit much more ideal for you.

This SUP purchaser’s overview will give you with an understanding right into the various sorts of boards, which ought to lets you make a much better decision on which SUP would certainly be optimal for you.

SUP customer’s guide – Types of stand up paddle boards

All arounders

These type of boards are terrific for those that are simply beginning on a SUP, or who require a board that will certainly surf both small waves and paddle across level water (such as lakes). They normally come in lengths of 10 foot 6 inches (10′ 6″) to twelve foot (12′). Widths variety from thirty inches (30″) to thirty six inches (36″). For those who are looking mainly to paddle throughout lakes, after that go as vast and long as is possible, as this will certainly provide you with the most effective security. If you’re wanting to strike the surf, you’ll require a much shorter board that isn’t really as broad.

Remember, these type of boards are not made for severe flat water auto racing, or large waves – they’re built so its feasible to obtain the very best of both worlds.

Surfing SUPs

If you’re looking to purely surf waves with your SUP, you after that want to go much shorter in size (anything much less compared to 10 foot – 10′ – is a great starting point). If you are coming off a surf board, then selecting a slim board needs to be perfectly fine, but for those only starting out, you want an excellent width to assist you with security. Thirty-thirty two inch (30″ -32″) is a suitable starting factor.

These boards are often based off their surf board relatives when it comes to layout – great deals of rocker (the curvature of the board toward the nose), narrow tails, and numerous fin configurations.

Yoga sups

For anyone planning to enter into stand paddle board yoga (SUP Yoga), you are seeking a vast board for lots of stability. Preferably you need a fairly flat board with minimal rocker, in addition to a comfortable deck pad. Some Yoga exercise SUPs have rather a square look – this will make them very stable within the water, yet remember it’s not made to paddle a lot more than bent on an appropriate area just offshore to exercise your yoga.

One more great alternative for SUP Yoga exercise is to use an inflatable paddle stand up paddle board.

Racing sups

These kinds of boards are normally a lot longer compared to normal SUPs, and are usually a great deal much less wide. They could differ from 12 foot (12′) right through to eighteen foot (18′) in length. Widths normally vary from twenty 5 inches (25″) with to thirty two inches (32″).

These boards need to airplane through the water at high speed, and utilize many design methods acquired from sailing. They tend to make use of variation hulls (shown by their sharp nose), which allow the board to “cut” via the water.

These boards tend to be much more pricey, as well as are not designed for newbie use.

Touring/flat water sups

These type of boards are created usage on open flat water. When you have risen to speed up, it is a great deal easier to proceed conveniently. These boards are typically over 10 foot 6 inches (10′ 6″) as well as most consist of tie downs as well as storage locations, which can additionally make these a terrific selection for people that have actually thought about attempting their hand at fishing from a SUP.

Blow up SUPs

A reasonably current addition to the stand paddle board family members, the blow up SUP is a great option for people that may not have much storage space, or problem moving a normal size SUP both to as well as from the water. Blow up SUPs could fold up away to a small size of approx. thirty 2 inches (32″) for the most parts, and the majority of include a storage space bag of some kind.

When pumped up to their suggested PSI, these boards are as stable as their fibreglass/epoxy counterparts. Some blow up SUPs could be difficult to recognize from normal paddle boards.

These boards also make very good SUP yoga boards.

SUP customer’s guide recommendation: Tower Adventurer 9′ 10″ Inflatable SUP


The majority of SUPs come with paddles, however the bulk of these paddles are made from aluminum. These stand up paddle board paddles are light-weight, float as well as do not obtain affected by salt water.

Final thought

With any luck this SUP customer’s overview has actually been helpful to you. Simply keep in mind to be sincere with on your own when it come to your skill degree, and also precisely just what is you want to leave stand up paddle boarding, so you make certain making a good decision!

These kind of boards are terrific for those that are just starting out on a SUP, or who are in need of a board that will browse both small waves and paddle throughout level water (such as lakes). For anyone looking to obtain into stand up paddle board yoga exercise (SUP Yoga exercise), you are looking for a vast board for lots of stability. These kinds of boards are usually much longer than normal SUPs, and are generally a whole lot less wide. These boards are usually over 10 foot 6 inches (10′ 6″) as well as many include tie downs and also storage space areas, which could additionally make these an excellent selection for individuals that have taken into consideration attempting their hand at fishing from a SUP.

A reasonably recent enhancement to the stand up paddle board household, the inflatable SUP is a great selection for people that could not have much storage area, or trouble moving a normal size SUP both to and from the water.

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